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What is a Deckhand?


In addition to other duties/tasks that the Captain may assign, the Deckhand’s duties shall include, but are not limited to, the following:



1. Make up the tow

2. Help drop, spot, and switch barges at docks 

3. Stand lookout, or ride the head of the tow as a lookout

4. Perform various tasks necessary to carry out the preceding 

    (e.g. making a coupling, operating winches and ratchets, and line        handling, including splicing and throwing lines).



1. Check the engine room including monitoring the bilge level                   and hydraulic steering fluid level.



Monitor the following alarms

1. Main engine water temperature

2. Main engine lube oil pressure

3. Generator water temperature

4. Generator lube oil pressure

5. Any other applicable alarms



1. Clean the boat and keep it free of all trash, oil or other foreign             objects. This includes personal quarters; wheelhouse and galley; 

     as well as heads and companionways. The Deckhand shall perform       other cleaning chores as directed by the Master. The Deckhand             shall dewater the barge(s) as necessary. All rigging is to be tied           and stacked in a neat and orderly fashion onboard vessels and in         all work areas.



1. The Deckhand shall immediately report any hazardous or unsafe           condition to the Master and make “on-the-spot” corrections when         capable and safe to do so.