Falls City Towing Company, Inc.

River Transportation Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Falls City is an Equal Opportunity Employer operating in the Towboat Industry. The following are a few questions frequently asked when going through the hiring process. Please read the following before completing the application.

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Q. Do I have to fill out the pre-application?
A.   Yes, This allows us to know if you are eligible for employment with our company.

Q. Do I have to have experience?
A.    No, While experience is always good we can train you.

Q. Do I have to have a car?
A.    Yes, You must be able to get to work and leave work at any time of day without question.

Q. Can someone else drop me off?
A.    No, You must have your own car in case you need to leave the boat at any time of day.

Q. How do I get lunch/dinner?
A.    You must bring your own food and drink.

Q. Do I have to pass a drug test?
A.    Yes, You must pass an initial drug test to obtain the job.

Q. Are there random drug tests?
A.    Yes, Every person employed by Falls City is subject to random drug testing.

Q. Can you schedule your drug test or take it on a different day/time than you are told to?
A.    No, You must take the drug test at the time you are sent to take it.

Q. Do I have to live in Louisville?
A.    No, But you must live within a 45-minute drive of Louisville.

Q. Can I work here with family?
A.    No, We do not hire family.

Q. What is the schedule?
A.    We work 12 hour days/nights/swing shifts. You MUST have a flexible schedule.

Q. Can I choose what days I work?
A.    No, You must work your set schedule.

Q. What if I have an appointment (doctor, meeting, etc.)?
A.    You are not able to leave work during the day for any reason. You are expected to schedule appointments on your days off.

Q. Do I get overtime?
A.    No, We are federally exempt from overtime.

Q. Do I have to have a TWIC Card?
A.    No, Not at first. You can work up to 8 weeks without one; however, one must be obtained before the end of those 8 weeks.

Q. What is a Deckhand?
A.    A Deckhand is an entry-level position in the Maritime Industry. As a Deckhand, you perform manual labor outside, on a boat at all times. You work a rotating schedule while lifting up to 70lbs. on a regular basis. You must be able to work 12hours a day/night, have your own vehicle, and maintain a drug-free environment.

Q. Can I drink on the boat?
A.    No, Alcohol is not permitted on the boat or anywhere near the premises.

Q. Can I have a felony?
A.    It depends on the charge and how long ago it was.

Q. What disqualifies me from obtaining the job?
A.    The following is copied directly from the Transportation Security Administration and WILL disqualify you for a TWIC card. Without a TWIC card you CANNOT work for Falls City: